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Urban Green Man: An Archetype of Renewal

edited by Adria Laycraft & Janice Blaine   PREVIOUS CATALOG PAGE   BOOK LIST   NEXT CATALOG PAGE 

Urban Green Man: An Archetype of Renewal edited by Adria Laycraft & Janice Blaine.
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  Short Stories

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ISBN: 9781770530393
$4.99 US

ISBN: 9781770530386
Trade Paperback
5.5" X 8.5"
$16.95 US
$22.95 CDN
280 pages


Urban Green Man: An Archetype of Renewal

31 vibrant original stories and poems ripe with magic of new beginnings...

Urban Green Man is an anthology of urban and contemporary short literature inspired by the mythology of the Green Man.

With an introduction by Charles de Lint, Urban Green Man features works by an international cast of authors: Satyros Phil Brucato, Gary Budgen, Suzanne Church, Karlene Tura Clark, Karen Danylak, Michael J. DeLuca, Eileen Donaldson, Sarina Dorie, dvsduncan, Susan Forest, Kim Goldberg, Alyxandra Harvey, Michael Healy, Rhiannon Held, Miriah Hetherington, Susan MacGregor, Michael J. Martineck, Randy McCharles, Billie Milholland, Heather M. O'Connor, Goldeen Ogawa, Celeste A. Peters, Mark Russell Reed, Martin Rose, Eric James Stone, Peter Storey, Calie Voorhis, Maaja Wentz, Sandra Wickham, Eileen Wiedbrauk, and Nu Yang.

Each work follows the theme of renewal surrounding the mythology of the Green Man.

The Green Man Mythology...

The mystical face of the Green Man can be found on churches and other buildings throughout northern Europe. It is believed that the the Green Man mythology developed independently in various cultures and is a remnant of ancient pagan beliefs. The human face, hidden in the green foliage, shows a longing for the natural world and reminds us that we are dependent on a healthy planet not only for physical sustenance, but for our mental health as well.

Psychologist Carl Jung once suggested that an archetype will reappear in a new form to redress imbalances in society exactly when it is needed. Perhaps the Green Man is rising yet again just in time to help us cultivate a harmonious and sustainable relationship with Nature.

Urban Green Man is available in all ebook formats, and in print.

Book Trailer

Read Charles de Lint's Introduction(PDF)

Table of Contents:

- The Spirit of the Wild Wood by Charles de Lint
- Evergreen by Susan MacGregor
- The Gift by Susan Forest
- Sap and Blood by Martin Rose
- The Green Square by dvsduncan
- Awake by Peter Storey
- Breath Stirs in the Husk by Eileen Wiedbrauk
- Green Apples by Rhiannon Held
- The Grey Man by Randy McCharles
- Mr. Green by Gary Budgen
- Whithergreen by Karlene Tura Clark
- Cui Bono by Eric James Stone
- Fallow God by Maaja Wentz
- Green Man She Restless by Billie Milholland
- Purple Vine Flowers by Sandra Wickham
- Exile by Mark Russell Reed
- Without Blemish by Celeste A. Peters
- Waking the Holly Kin by Eileen Donaldson
- Deer Feet by Michael J. DeLuca
- Buried in the Green by Heather M. O'Connor
- The Forest Lord by Sarina Dorie
- Greentropy by Calie Voorhis
- Abandon All... by Goldeen Ogawa
- Green Salvage by Miriah Hetherington
- The Ring of Life by Nu Yang
- Cottage on the Bluff by Michael Healy
- Johnny Serious by Satyros Phil Brucato
- Fun Sucker by Suzanne Church
- Greener Pastures by Michael J. Martineck
- Green Jack by Alyxandra Harvey
- Green is Good by Karen Danylak
- Neither Slumber Nor Sleep by Kim Goldberg

About the Editors:

Adria Laycraft is a member of IFWA and graduate of the Odyssey Writers Workshop. She works as a freelance editor and writer. Her stories have been published in Tesseracts 16, Neo-opsis, On-Spec Magazine and James Gunn’s Ad Astra. [MORE]

Janice Blaine is a professional commercial artist. Throughout her career she has worked on a wide variety of projects, ranging from pre-production animation to design & illustration of children’s books. She was recently nominated for an Aurora Award. [MORE]


"Pagan readers and urban fantasy fans, especially young adults, will enjoy this look at timeless themes of balance and wildness." -- [Publisher's Weekly]

"Man and his technology have taken over the planet, replacing trees with high-voltage wires and open meadows with concrete and steel. For the pagans of the world, the green spirits are ticked – and the ways “mother nature” (or father woodland) retaliate make for some great reading." -- [True Review]

"A variety of legends and myths make their way into these stories, so while there is a unifying there, there is remarkable diversity in the story-telling. And since the subject matter is so close at hand, and the issues at stake are literally ones of life and death, this collection has considerable heft to it." -- [Chris R. Paige, Nameless Zine]

"An interesting anthology of wide-ranging stories that do not fall into the usual categories of straight horror or fantasy complete with the usual elves, Urban Grren Man should appeal to the reader in search of something just a little bit different, and perhaps thoughtful. Other than the connection with nature, and the occasional appearance of the Green Man in his various guises, the tales cover a wide range of plots and settings." -- [Ronald Hore, Manitoba Library Association]

"The stories in this collection explore the lighter and darker shades of green, bringing the reader both into the dark places of the forest where fear and danger evoke speculation and to the treetops where flights of fancy free him or her from their bounds." -- [Derek Newman-Stille, Speculating Canada]

"I wish all my reading was this gratifying." -- Peter's Reviews on [Good Reads]


Beacon News (interview): The anthology explores humanity’s long and at times strained relationship with nature through fantastic stories from some of the world’s pre-eminent, original science fiction and fantasy writers.

Nine Day Wonder (interview): If you’re going to read Urban Green Man, edited by Adria Laycraft and Janice Blaine, I have to say: ya gotta read this book in summer while sitting under a tree...

Suzenyms(interview): AS ONE OF THE CONTRIBUTORS to the Urban Green Man anthology, I'm excited about the book's launch... [MORE]

Odyssey Workshop(interview): Congratulations to you and co-editor Janice Blaine on the upcoming publication of Urban Green Man! The Green Man (or Woman) is a multi-faceted but ambiguous figure in Celtic mythology, associated with the turning of the seasons and usually found in rural settings... [MORE]

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