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By the Light of Camelot

edited by J. R. Campbell and Shannon Allen   PREVIOUS CATALOG PAGE   BOOK LIST   NEXT CATALOG PAGE 

By the Light of Camelot edited by J. R. Campbell and Shannon Allen
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  Historical Fantasy
  Short Stories

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ISBN: 9781770531567
$5.99 US

ISBN: 9781770531574
Trade Paperback
5.5" X 8.5"
$ 14.95 US
$ 19.95 CDN
244 pages


By the Light of Camelot

13 Newly Imagined Arthurian Tales Set Against a Landscape of Magic, Cruelty, and Destiny...

Many were called. Few remembered.

Ruled by Arthur, the Once and Future King, these Knights took their place next to those who would become legend. Lancelot. Galahad. Tristan. Yet Kingdoms are not shaped by myths but by courage and belief...

Arkin. Tor. Brannon - Each earned their place at the Round Table but to fulfill their destiny of glory they must discover the truths within.

For no false knight can complete a true quest.

Set against a landscape of magic, cruelty and destiny, By the Light of Camelot includes 13 original Arthurian tales by award-winning authors Shannon Allen, Colleen Anderson, Renee Bennett, J. R. Campbell, M. K. Hume, William Meikle, R. Overwater, Fiona Patton, Diana L. Paxson, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Wendy N. Wagner, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Jane Yolen.


J. R. Campbell

J. R. Campbell is a Calgary based writer and the editor of the anthologies Gaslight Grimoire: Fantastic Tales of Sherlock Holmes, Gaslight Grotesque: Nightmare Tales of Sherlock Holmes, Gaslight Arcanum: Uncanny Tales of Sherlock Holmes and Professor Challenger: New Worlds, Lost Places. His short fiction can be found in Fantastical Visions IV, Rigor Amortis and Tesseracts Twenty-One.

Shannon Allen

Shannon Allen is a Calgary based writer who wrote for Calgary Community Publications before turning to fiction. Her first work, Confession, was published in Enigma Front: Now Everything Changes. By the Light of Camelot is her first editorial endeavor.


"Wyrms, shapeshifters, time travel and quests, humour, pathos and derring-do -- a wondrous tapestry woven by a variety of fine writers. Who hasn’t wanted to journey to Camelot in search of the grail? Here’s your chance!" - C. C. Humphreys, author of Vlad, The French Executioner and Plague

"A compelling and diverse blend of tales, By the Light of Camelot takes you through a portal to a world of myth, magic, duty, and tough choices." -- Erin Lindsey, author of the Bloodbound series

"The best compliment I can level at this collection is, I suppose, that I felt like a boy again while reading. I first fell in love with Arthuriana when I was about 13 years old, and it was the one literary genre I read more than any other as I passed through high school and into college. Reading these stories reminded me of the joys of discovering Le Morte, T.H. White, Boorman, and so on, when I was an impressionable child. It was nice to be reminded of who I was then." - John B. Donchig


"Not only is this delightful anthology is one of the more solid short story collections out there, but it also brings new stories and concepts that refresh the Camelot legend without corrupting the heart of the myth. ... I strongly recommend this both to existing fans of Arthurian legend and to those just discovering its joys." - 'chelle

"A wonderful anthology. Very clever and interesting takes on the Arthurian legends." - Diana Hauser

"By The Light of Camelot is a fantastic collection of short stories and poetry that entertains, enthralls and more than justifies its (minimal) price tag." - Adam Selby-Martin, scifi and fantasy reviewer

"The writing is so descriptive - I can picture the “long rows of barley and of rye that clothe the wold and reach the sky”. (from “The Lady of Shalott”) I can ‘smell’ the landscape, also. “The air is warm, weighted with the scents of new grass and thyme”. (from “Shadow of the Wolf”)" - Diana H. Maine

"Not only is this delightful anthology is one of the more solid short story collections out there, but it also brings new stories and concepts that refresh the Camelot legend without corrupting the heart of the myth." - Michelle Ruedin

"I was surprised at how much I enjoyed these stories! Most attempts at "putting a new spin" on long loved classic tales fall very short. These did not in any way." - M. Morse

"My advice to you is to savor each story because before you know it your search for another anthology of this quality will be almost as elusive and transitory as a search for the grail itself. Highly recommended." - Bradley Hovda

"This is an enjoyable little collection of various Arthurian inspired stories." - jcaleblittle

"...if you’re either an Arthurian buff or Arthur-curious, this is a volume well worth reading. Recommended!" - Alison S. Coad

"Many of the stories feature quests, but there is enough variety in both the types of quests and the individuals questing that I didn’t feel any sense of “sameness” to the book that might be tiring to the reader." - thefirstalicat

"This is a very good collection of stories, well written and with interesting and strong characters." - Anna Maria Giacomasso

"I thoroughly enjoyed this short story collection set in Camelot. The stories were diverse in their settings and characters but still kept the same theme throughout the entire book. " - MMB,amazon

"Very interesting read with chapters as complete short stories. I very much enjoyed reading all these stories." - S. Merritt

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