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Throne Price

by Lynda Williams and Alison Sinclair  PREVIOUS CATALOG PAGE   BOOK LIST   NEXT CATALOG PAGE 

Throne Price
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ISBN: 978-1-894063-06-7
Trade Paperback
6.0" X 9.0"

$19.95 US
333 pages


$ 2.99

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E-BOOK (multi-format):
Throne Price (Part Four of the Okal Rel Saga)

War threatens to destroy both worlds...

In the far reaches of space the descendants of humanity have evolved into two vastly different cultures. On the planet Rire, the Reetions use computer technology to ensure comfort and equality for all. On Gelion, genetically modified Sevolites adhere to a strict ­hierarchy based on racial purity and ones ability to wield a sword.

As war threatens to destroy both worlds, two men, Erien of Rire and Amel of Gelion, attempt to preserve the fragile peace. Together they hope to unravel the complex web of intrigues and ancient hatred that threatens to destroy ­humanity itself.

This is book four of the Okal Rel Saga, a massive ten part epic, of love, war, betrayal, and hope.

About the authors:

Lynda Williams is a graduate of the University of Victoria, where she ­specialized in organic chemistry and creative writing. Her short work “Bride’s Story” set in the Okal Rel universe, was recently published in Erotic Fantastic. She lives in British Columbia, Canada. (MORE)

Alison Sinclair was born in Colchester, England and graduated from McMaster University with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry. Her first published novel, Legacies, which earned a spot on the Locus Best of Year List in 1995 was followed by Blueheart, and Cavalcade - which was shortlisted for the Arthur C. Clarke Award in 1998. Alison lives in Victoria, Canada. (MORE)


Benjamin Franklin Award

Book of the Year Award



"Despite how strange the Sevolites seem from our perspective, the authors achieve a fine depth of characterization, subtly and movingly tied to all the hints about how enculturation works in both societies. Both a political thriller and a clear-eyed view of how science might create a wholly biological social hierarchy, Throne Price is thoughtful entertainment at its best." - Douglas Barbour, Canadian Book Review Annual

"Throne Price is a difficult book to summarize due to the twisted nature of Gelack politics and the complex net of shifting loyalties. It's easy enough to call it science fiction, but like all good science fiction, it examines deeper issues: loyalty, love, propriety, sexual relationships (heterosexuality, homosexuality and incest) and family values, among others. Authors Lynda Williams and Alison Sinclair treat each of these subjects -- even the most difficult ones -- fairly.

The authors do an admirable job of juggling all the storylines without dropping anything and thoughtfully provide a glossary of Gelack terms." - Laurie Thayer, reviewer

"I recommend this book highly... Throne Price has intrigue, mystery and a wealth of history imbedded in a futuristic story setting.... Maybe I am just being selfish, but I am betting that most of you will love this book … and those that don’t … well there is no accounting for taste." - Stephanie Ann Johanson, Neo-Opsis

"Throne Price is science fiction for the intellectual reader. ... The characters are unusual, yet they make sense within the parameters of the societies with which they identify. We rated this work five hearts." - Bob Spear, Heartland Reviews

"Handsome cover and a very nice look ... a lovingly detailed world." - David Brin, author

" of the most original and ­fascinating works of fantasy I have ever read... marvellous world-building, and a genuine page-turner of a plot." - Marie Jakober, author

"An exhilarating and enjoyable read, Throne Price is enthusiastically recommended reading for dedicated and discerning science fiction fans." - Library Bookwatch

"... you may find yourself caught up, as I did, by a complex and richly-imagined story. Like a Shakespearian tragedy, Throne Price leaves you with almost as much sympathy for the "villains" as for the "heros." Throne Price aims, ever so indirectly at the question "what does it really mean to be human?" I eagerly look forward to Williams and Sinclair’s future novels." - David Casperson

"The book is a wonderful mix-combining two rich cultures with exactly opposite viewpoints on societal structure. Every character is complete and entirely human-wrapped up in the pride and prejudices inherent with their experience. Refreshingly, this is the first book in a long while I haven't been able to anticipate the plot or character types ahead of time." - Mica Currie

"Authors Williams and Sinclair spin a densely textured, fascinating, well charactered study of humanity dealing in extreme situations. This isn't space opera, it isn't wonder SF, it isn't action adventure. This is serious human struggle, presented in an intelligent and adult fashion. Entertaining and provocative!" - R.F. Briggs, Yet Another Book Review Site

Congratulations on "your science fiction novel, Throne Price, a collaborative work with Dr. Alison Sinclair." - Shirley Bond, MLA for Prince George-Mount Robson

"I just finished reading Throne Price and want to let you know: I loved it! Kept me going in almost one long night's session...Thanks!." - Lunacat

"An excellent piece of science fiction." - Lisa Ramaglia, Scribes World (5 Star Review)

"I received a copy of Throne Price a couple weeks ago, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The plot moved quickly, the universe was fascinating and the characters were complex and believable." - Kyle Thompson

"Throne Price is an entertaining and complex novel, full of intrigue and suspense. While the plot appears to be structured around the conflict between characters over the control of their society, the real conflict is grounded in differing visions of our future. To what extent should genetics and genetic manipulation determine our lives and our opportunities? Even the language reflects this genetic vision and division of power. The whole language developed for the novel is designed to separate different groups genetically. For example, the pronouns primarily show the speaker's and listener's genetic purity, not their gender. In this society, your genes determine your rights and responsibilities. Even the same social classes are divided between genetically defined ethnic groups. While arguments are often won by sword, the real struggle is for the heart, soul and mind. These issues are brought to life by developing intense and complex characters. Their reality makes it difficult, if not impossible, to arrive at simple answers to important questions. Yet it encourages you to look at them and entertains us at the same time." - Shannon Rea

"I finally took the time to take a look at your site -- fascinating book!." - Laura Z.

"Congratulations on the publication of your book. I heard a piece on CBC radio this Saturday while I was driving to Tumbler Ridge." - Dr. Orland L. Wilkerson

"Throne Price is a rich tapestry of sci-fi fantasy.... The authors, Lynda Williams and Alison Sinclair, have created a complex future universe over many years of collaboration... (which) ... will attract a cult following. One can imagine it becoming a favorite of the Society of Creative Anachronism. It is rich in a culture that reminds me more than a little of the Keltiad novels of Patricia Kennealy, Jim Morrison's widow. It is a future where societies have returned to a kind of feudalism in which genealogy matters more than anything else. The complex social orders, the multitude of strange laws and customs, make the book difficult to enter. After the first few chapters however, the reader's learning curve slows to a shallow enough grade to begin to appreciate the plot and the rich characters.

The author's attention to detail is astounding. This is a carefully written ... and ultimately entertaining book." - Michael Armstrong

"Congratulations on your book. That is so cool." - Holly Ann Burt

"So when they make the movie, they're going to have a terrible time with that floor. * chuckle *" - Garth Frizzel


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