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ISBN: 978-1-894063-40-1
Trade Paperback
5.5" X 8.5"

$14.95 US
240 pages



She faces immediate, permanent and uncontestable deletion.

The civil unrest is finally under control, but most North American citizens are confined to domed megacities, the only safe and healthy places. Or so Jemma7729 has been told and believes. But when her father takes her into the Countryside, and she sees the stars in a free night sky for the first time, she begins to doubt everything she’s learned. And to challenge it.

On her Choosing Day, when she must declare publicly what she will do and be for the rest of her life, she knows it is a lie and a trap and refuses. The State is quick to respond: arrest, remand without possibility of parole, and incarceration in a rehab facility that will change her mind, or kill her.

Her spirit can’t be crushed. Jemma escapes to the Countryside and begins a life of adventure and danger, criss-crossing the continent, battling the Administration Government of North America. Her specialty is blowing up the labs that manufacture mind-numbing drugs used to control rebellious people, especially women. A self-taught but skillful saboteur, she eludes and embarrasses the Fedguard and becomes their Enemy #1. To many others, Jemma is a heroine fighting for freedom.

She loves her lovely, starry night, but she’s lonely. That all changes when she joins the Movers, a revolutionary group working to establish a shadow government — by the ballot or the bullet. There she finds a little peace, friendship, a mentor, even love, and a better way to fight the tyranny.

But her luck can’t last forever. The State wants her for rebellion, female aggression, failure to make choices, and inappropriate behavior. If Jemma7729 is caught, she faces immediate, permanent and uncontestable deletion.

About Phoebe Wray

Phoebe Wray was born in Franklin Pennsylvania. She now resides in Ayer Massachusetts with her three cats; Max, Mouse, and Jenny. [MORE]


"It's not easy to make a feminist dystopian novel into a heartbreaking page-turner, but Phoebe Wray has done exactly that with JEMMA7729. Recommended." - Suzette Haden Elgin, author

"In this new adventure, Brave New World meets The Handmaid's Tale, with some serious ass-kicking along the way.  The character of Jemma and her fight for a life of her own rings true with its themes of government control, genetic manipulation, cloning, and repression of women.  Author Phoebe Wray is a welcome addition to the pantheon of feminist science fiction writers." - Louise Marley (Terrorists of Irustan, The Glass Harmonica, The Child Goddess, The Maquisarde)

"It’s a futurist novel with some interesting kinks. I think you’ll like it." -

"This is author Phoebe Wray’s debut novel, and against all odds, she succeeds in giving a nuanced look at the nature of political organizations. Like the late Benazir Bhutto, JEMMA lives in a land where there is both good and evil, but not everyone is wholly good or wholly evil. JEMMA’s courage is a flag and a beacon for the freedom of choice. Wray teaches in the Theatre Division at the Boston conservancy. She has also taught at the University of Southern California and Bradford College. Boys and girls will enjoy the action of JEMMA2279, while teachers and parents will find the chapters providing lively discussions of topics both current and speculative." - Foreword Magazine

"The right stuff seems to resonate in the first few sentences, where it counts. The set-up sketches the state of affairs in the narrator's high-tech, big-brother's-watching world ...Techno-jargon segues to familiar territory as Jemma's voice emerges, wry, precocious and believable... The hook is set, promising a good read for the next 200-plus pages." — M. E. Jones, The Public Spirit

"This is one of the most interesting Science Fiction novels I've read in a long time. What makes Jemma7729 stand out is the strong heroine and the feminist issues Wray weaves in the story, making the reader wonder and think at its implications." — Mayra Calvani,

"Jemma lives! Years ago, Phoebe Wray, at the time a new bud, sent me a manuscript — her first novel. As soon as I started reading Phoebe’s work — the following’s a cliché, but it’s true — I couldn’t put it down. Wow! It’s a futuristic sci-fi novel about a warrior-babe rebel who embarrasses an incompetent government. Now, after many years and revisions, Phoebe’s been rewarded for her effort, patience, and perseverance. Her rockin’ novel just hit the stores. It’s called “Jemma7729.” Check it out. Jemma lives!" — Francesca De Grandis, author of The Modern Goddess' Guide to Life: How to Be Absolutely Divine on a Daily Basis

"I truly enjoyed the heck out of this book. I read tons of fantasy and sci-fi, and I LOVED Jemma. She's intriguing, real, and very human. This is one of those books you think about when you've put it down to go to work, or you're cooking dinner. Jemma haunts you and demands your attention. The futuristic world is based in a reality we don't share, but the qualities we have in common are enough to chill you. I strongly recommend this book — in fact, I am buying another copy for my sister. Phoebe Wray is an amazing author. I look forward to future books!"Leslie Chapman,

"This near future, one person against the system, story, might seem a little basic, but the author does a fine job with it. It's interesting, plausible and it's well worth reading."Paul Lappen,

"This near future, one person against the system, story, might seem a little basic, but the author does a fine job with it. It's interesting, plausible and it's well worth reading." Dead Trees Review

"I am glad to see that Jemma7729 is being reviewed as a young adult book. Every girl should get to know Jemma — curious, inventive, smart, tough and very human. Jemma is a good friend. This is the kind of SF book that got me interested in the genre when I was a kid." Grace O'Malley,

"Wray's world is so dystopian that one might dismiss it as a feminist nightmare, but this extreme makes her main character a hero and her book a good jumping point for discussions of gender roles, democracy, class and justice. It would be a good selection for a book talk or class unit on such structured societies."Beth Karpas, VOYA

"One major strength of the book is the balance struck between keeping the plot moving, and providing enough detail for each of the crucial incidents in her life to adequately illustrate both character development and the evils of the society she ultimately works to over-throw. Wray does an excellent job of knowing exactly when to say, "and so it went for the next six months", and when to slow down for the nitty-gritty details. So another excellent title from Edge books, well worth picking up."Robert Runte, NeoOpsis

"Well-written and thoughtful, the novel describes a brutal world we would today consider gone slightly-mad."Ronald Hore, CM Magazine

" This near future, οne persοn against the system, stοry, might seem a little basic, but the authοr dοes a fine jοb with it. It’s interesting, plausible and it’s well wοrth reading."plappen, netico

"Phoebe recently published her first novel, Jemma 7729. I did get the opportunity to read this book… or rather, Jemma (the main character) grabbed me upon hearing Phoebe’s reading and wouldn’t let me go. I bought it when we were womanning the Broad Universe Book Table at Conbust at Smith College in Northampton, MA. Once I started on the first chapter, it was a single sitting read with breaks only when my bladder absolutely forced me to take a break." — Reader

"Set in the 23rd century, it's the story of Jemma, a skilled saboteur on the run from AGNA, the Administrative Government of North America. Jemma 7729 has adventure, love, loyalty, violence and betrayal - everything you want in a cracking story." — SciFiDimensions

"Jemma becomes the leader of an underground revolution. This is old fashioned feminism beautifully packaged in a compelling plot and believable background. The writing is superb, overcoming the cliché premise. I want to see more from Wray without the feminist angle." — Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Author Phoebe Wray recently did an interview with Radio Free Bliss after coming in #9 on the Preditors and Editors Poll. The interview can be found here.



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