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Pick Your Teeth with my Bones (Book One of the Eternal Spring, Invisible Forest series)


Pick Your Teeth with my Bones (Book One of the Eternal Spring, Invisible Forest series) by Carrie Newberry
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  Urban Fantasy
  Dark Fantasy

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ISBN: 9781770531543
$5.99 US

ISBN: 9781770531666
Trade Paperback
5.5" X 8.5"
$15.95 US
$20.95 CDN
332 pages


Pick Your Teeth with my Bones
(Book One of the Eternal Spring, Invisible Forest series)

The Fountain of Youth is at Risk...

A secret society of warriors has protected the Fountain of Youth for centuries.

Its location is a closely guarded secret and the society itself is shrouded in mystery. They are invisible. They are unknown. They blend in with the urban environment. For all anyone knows, the woods near Madison, Wisconsin could be their home!

On any given day, if you look hard enough, you might spot Kellan Faolanni, a single, lives-alone, drives-a-truck kind of woman. She's the girl-next-door type. Innocent looking and easy to get along with. You'd never know she's a battle-scarred shapeshifter.

That's until the existence of a traitor is revealed, and a leaked document containing the history of her people threatens to expose her, her fellow Sankhain guardians, and the secrets they keep. Secrets the warriors have sworn to defend with their lives. With a fellow protector (and her faithful dog Galen), Kellan sets out to unravel the mystery of the compromising documents.

By using the unique sense of smell that has kept her alive and fighting for two hundred years, Kellan follows the trail deep into the dark heart of the forest. But the truth she uncovers Ė both about the Sankhain and about herself Ė challenges everything she thought she knew and forces her to choose between her role as a weapon in the hands of her leaders and the dictates of her own conscience.

Everything they've sworn to protect is in jeopardy. Failure to locate the traitor is not an option.

Pick Your Teeth with my Bones is the first installment of a must-read Urban Fantasy series!

About the Author:

Carrie Newberry is a writer of urban fantasy, horror, and a little bit of everything else and is an active member of the AllWriterís Saturday morning New Yearís Resolution Write a Book Workshop.

She currently lives in Madison, WI with two rescued mutts and an enormous collection of books. [MORE]


"Ever meet a smart-ass shape-shifter with a soft heart and an angry soul? Say hello to Kellan and a great cast of supporting characters, like a hunky man who goes jogging in hiking boots, a soft-spoken freaked-out librarian, and an exasperated wizard who won't use contractions. Pick Your Teeth with my Bones is an action-packed, emotion-packed rock-your-world tale that will have you up all night and hiding from your boss during the day so you can turn page after page." - Kathie Giorgio, In Grace's Time and Rise From The River

"Do you ever wonder what magic dwells among us? Witty and fun, yet full of grit and action packed, Pick Your Teeth with my Bones will take you on a fast-paced, high-stakes journey through a side of our world you never knew existed, but always wanted. Kellan Faolanni will win you over with her strength, doggedness and wry sense of humor, all of which serve her well in the face of the evil and deception pitted against her." - Summer Hanford, Author of the Thrice Born series

"This is a fantasy book for people who love literary fiction. The story is by turns edgy, exciting, humorous, profound, and touching, with a large dollop of sexual tension and just a tiny bit of romance. The outstanding plot has unexpected twists that keep the story and the reader moving at breakneck speed. Fast-paced, forceful and witty dialogue help create characters who are strong, compelling, flawed, and real. Kellan, a two hundred year old wolf, is a member of the secret Sankhain society, who protect a fountain of youth in an invisible forest. The world she takes us through is so well-drawn and developed that we donít doubt its existence for a minute. This is truly a captivating read. Iím hoping for a sequel." - Alice Benson, Author of Her Life is Showing


"Carry Newbery takes the reader into the heart of a fantastic and fascinating world. A place that holds great depth and longing. You are guided through this world with a blade in hand and the senses of a wolf." - Brent Dawson

"Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read and write about this awesome book. I am excited to read more from this author." - Laurie Beemer

"I really enjoyed this book! Kellan is a really great character. ... This is a really interesting take on urban fantasy, I loved the characters and the world and I'm really looking forward to reading more of this story line. I'd recommend for most readers, mature YA and older" - Faye, amazon

"I don't normally read urban fantasy, but this book came strongly recommended. So, I gave it a shot. And wow! What a great read!" - Doug, amazon

"I really enjoyed this book, very talented writer, can't wait for book two to come out. Written with a lot of wit, energy and sarcasm , made for an excellent read!" - Sandi, amazon

"It's been a long time since I've felt the urge to post a review for a book, but this book definitely deserves it. I loved it, the main character was entertaining and original she wasn't just a repeat of the typical boring fantasy heroine and I loved her relationship with Tony." Ms L. Hallam

"The plot moves quickly, and the story is full of action and humor." - Carod

"This book was so enjoyable! I found it to be very engaging and written in a way that sucked me right into the story. ... I will absolutely read this book again & look forward to reading about Kellan's next adventure." - Em, amazon

"Urban Fantasy is my favorite genre... Sarcastic, snarky, badass Kellan is a main character I absolutely love" - Erin E Wolf

"The main character, McDonald's-loving Kellan has many touching and endearing qualities except she's not human. Battling her way through a quirky adventure this novel keeps the reader entranced with its unexpected twists." - Eleanor Adams

"A great story with guardians, shapeshifters, sarcasm, personal growth and heartache. The story line is fast paced and full of action." - MnMlove, amazon

"WOW! A shapeshifter who is centuries old and is messed up emotionally comes across as normal as you and I sitting down at a coffee shop. ... Buy it! Read it! You wonít regret it!" - Bill, amazon

"Very entertaining. ... Can't wait for the next installment." - suzie60, amzon

"Loved this book, wonderfully written." - Liza M Maas

"Plenty of twists to the plot line to keep it moving along. ... I honestly say go out and get a copy you won't be disappointed." - Alleighkat

"Pick Your Teeth with my Bones is the incredible start of a series I didnít know I needed. ... Itís so refreshing to read a mature supernatural book with actual adult characters that isnít just a trashy romance novel thinly veiled in magic and action (no offense to trashy romance novels - everything has its place!). ... Iím definitely hooked on this story, and I feel like I left a part of myself behind in the Invisible Forest when I finished the book." - Rachel

"I couldn't put it down, and can't wait until the next book! - Amazon Customer

"The story is by turns edgy, exciting, humorous, profound, and touching, with a large dollop of sexual tension and just a tiny bit of romance. The world she takes us through is so well-drawn and developed that we donít doubt its existence for a minute. This is truly a captivating read." - Deborah L Wyatt

"Pick Your Teeth with my Bones is a fantastic novel. From the start, it was hard to put down, and I wound up reading the second half of the story in one sitting--much to the neglect of my visiting family!" - Caroline Bridges

"The author does an incredible job of seamlessly incorporating humor, fear, confusion, anger, desire, and many more emotions without betraying the authenticity of her characters. I whole heartedly recommend this novel to all fantasy lovers, except for the very young." - Salsa133

Books in the series:

  • Pick Your Teeth with my Bones (Book 1)
  • Wolf is a Four-letter Word (Book 2)

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