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Stealing Magic - (OOP)


Stealing Magic by Tanya Huff
Enlarge Cover


ISBN: 978-1-894063-34-0
Trade Paperback
5.5" X 8.5"

$13.95 US
288 pages


Stealing Magic - (OOP)

Appealing and amusing...

Between the covers of this “double-faced flipover” book, you’ll find two complete collections of Tanya Huff’s comical short stories featuring Magdelene (the world's most powerful and laziest wizard) and Terazin (a top-notch thief).

Stealing Magic - Table of Contents
Featuring Magdelene
The Last Lesson
Be It Ever So Humble
Mirror, Mirror, On The Lam
Third Time Lucky
And Who Is Joah?
Nothing Up Her Sleeve
We Two May Meet
  Featuring Terazin
Swan’s Braid
In Mysterious Ways
The Lions Of al’Kalamir
Sometimes, Just Because

About Tanya Huff

Tanya Huff is one of Canada’s best selling and most beloved speculative fiction authors. She is best known for her Blood novels, about a modern vampire’s crime-fighting alliance with a Toronto ex-cop: Blood Price, Blood Trail, Blood Lines, Blood Pact and Blood Debt. She has also written more than fourteen other novels, and her short stories have appeared in numerous fantasy magazines. She currently lives and writes in rural Ontario. [MORE]


“Stealing Magic is charming, funny, and once again proves that Huff has no regard for the conventions and boundaries of genre…. -- the genre is turned on its head, and to hilarious effect. The Magdelene stories in Stealing Magic are certainly some of the few ‘high fantasy’ short works that I have enjoyed recently.” — Challenging Destiny

“I really enjoyed these stories. They’re lighter, fast reading, and they show that Huff is a veteran fantasy author. The reader won’t go wrong with this strong, well done group of stories.” — Dead Trees Review

“As always, Huff’s humor and talent as a writer brings the characters to life. The plots are well thought out and some of the stories are just downright funny. The stories about Tarazin are exciting. There is an Indiana Jones like quality to them that keeps the reader interested. The Magdalene stories are full of humor with modern pop-culture references that is laugh out loud funny.... I really enjoyed Stealing Magic. For anyone who is looking for solid Huff quality with a new twist, this is the book I would recommend.” — Deanna Johnson

“Huff's style is nicely straight-faced. And rather than crude puns, the situations build and generate the humour in these stories. Stealing Magic ... offers sure-fire entertainment, always with a flourish.” — Douglas Barbour

“Celebrated fantasy author Tanya Huff lives up to her "best of the best" reputation once again!” — Internet Bookwatch

“Like in many of her other books, Huff throws away the typical ways of constructing a story and does her own thing. And as she often does, this is with humour, like in her Keeper series...” — James Schellenberg

“Don't expect your usual fantasy adventure here: there's plenty of humor, lots of action, and short stories which are diverse and varied: a set of rollicking adventures which are hard to stop reading.” — Midwest Book Review

“I really enjoyed these stories. They’re lighter, fast reading, and they show that Huff is a veteran fantasy author. The reader won’t go wrong with this strong, well done group of stories.” — Paul Lappen

“Stealing Magic is an immensely enjoyable book.... If you're ready for some fun, I can recommend some time spent Stealing Magic.” — Laurie Thayer

“Her fans will not want to miss it.” — Science Fiction Chronicle

“Tanya Huff is one of Canada’s leading fantasy writers, and at the top of her field in the world. If you haven’t encountered her yet, Stealing Magic is an excellent place to start. If you have, it’s a delight to have these stories all in one place, so that one can reread them and delight in them all over again.... The tales span almost twenty years’ of Huff’s writing, and include the first story she ever published.” — Storyteller Magazine

“This collection of short stories ... are written with Huff's usual amusing light touch, enhanced with a clever plot resolution. Fun stuff.” — Susan Stepney

“While Huff wrote these stories to entertain, and they are very entertaining, I also believe that they encourage. They encourage the reader to find what they are good at and strive to become very good at it and stick with it. I recommend these stories for anyone who would like some fantastical, thoughtful, fun sunshine in their lives.” —

Stealing Magic may be one of the best book deals around; get not one, but two irreverent story collections, set back-to-back under one cover.... Both sets of stories are sure to amuse and delight fantasy fans with their playful tweaking of the genre's stereotypes.... Stealing Magic is a fun read, perfect to take along with you to the beach or a comfortable hammock - pack it next to your tanning lotion and wine coolers, and enjoy.” — Dru Pagliassotti, The Harrow

“It’s nice to see two strong female characters in a typically male-driven genre, and Huff’s language is able to create unique landscapes without succumbing to the usual fantasy jargon.&vBryn Evans, Fast Forward News

“I just finished "Stealing Magic"... I really ate [it] up ... it took me the better part of the afternoon .... I love her characters. I'm going to start reading it to Tavish (my six-year-old).” — Jill Hayes, bookchick

“Tanya Huff fans will want this book, plain and simple. Not only are the stories good, the packaging is brilliant. Stealing Magic is bound like an old Ace double--one side for the Terazin stories, and one for the Magdalene stories--making for a great bi-directional read, with double cover art by David Willicome that's both handsome and suitable to the stories.” — Donna McMahon, reviewer

“This book consists of 2 separate sets of fantasy stories, with different back-to-back covers (reminiscent of the old Ace Doubles). On one side are stories of Terazin, top-notch thief. To join the Thieves' Guild, one does not simply knock on the front door and ask for an application. It is necessary to break into the building and make it to the inner sanctum deep underground, avoiding the traps set up along the way. Terazin does so, and is given an initiation test. She must bring the braided hair of Swan, a famous female warrior who will not take kindly to getting a sudden haircut. Other stories feature Terazin finding herself in the middle when it comes to internal Thieves' Guild politics. Going the other way are stories of Magdalene, the world’s most powerful (and laziest) wizard. She is an apprentice to Adar, a castle wizard. She unknowingly dismantles his most powerful spells like they don’t even exist. She gains Adar’s powers, just before he is turned into a pile of gray ash, and decides to leave the castle. Traveling with H’sak, a demon trapped inside a mirror, she finds that the most bucolic villages have the most unique customs concerning wizards, like welcoming them with axes or chains and manacles. It doesn’t help that Magdalene, a redhead with a very healthy libido, doesn’t wear a pointy hat like normal wizards. She is summoned to various kings and wizards, and her attitude is like, "Yeah, yeah, let’s get this over with." I really enjoyed these stories. They’re lighter, fast reading, and they show that Huff is a veteran fantasy author. The reader won’t go wrong with this strong, well done group of stories.” — Plappen,


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